Monday, 9 March 2015

From Dayre: Saturday like no other

One of the best Saturday ever! So thankful to be able to serve in different areas in JAMS.

The morning was hectic. JW called to say they cannot open the keynote and I realised I forgot to save the file in a lower version. And that means they can't open it for their service on that side!! I totally was flustered. It was like 10mins before svc starts and I was prepping games and I didn't have my comp with me... I was mortified.
Then while settling that issue, I realised the slides didn't include next week's theme announcement. Bomb no. 2. Thankfully Reb was helping me to do the conversion with her phone while i quickly search some photo to create that slide.
In the end this was what I did. Honestly I was so reluctant to use this but really had no time to design something nicer. So had to make do with this. I can't bare to watch that particular slide when it was flashed.
So bomb no. 2 diffused. Back to bomb no.1. Reb converted but the file was too big to be emailed. In the end Joli, all the way from Indo, created a grp chat to troubleshoot. What can we do without you teacher Joli?? Cut long story short, thankfully in the end by ways of divine intervention the bomb no.1 was diffuse.

Before I even had the time to catch my breathe, it was time for games!
This week for games we had a mini Fashion Runway! It was great seeing our students dressing up for the occasion, all looking handsome and pretty. Don't they look fabulous?
Thankful that I got a chance to BV today. Always cherish the times where I get to serve using my vocals at least it makes 10 yrs of choir trainings worth it. Singing has always been something I enjoy but when it comes to P&W I always remind myself that above all skills and technicality, it is the heart - heart of a true worshipper. I feel that's one area God's working on this year.
Another thing I'm thankful for is the chance to co-partner Santhi to conduct the grooming lessons for the students today. Was feeling jittery about the sharing because it was the meat of the service so it cannot go wrong! Super thankful to Santhi for always giving me so many opportunities to serve in different areas. Really had fun and enjoyed myself today.
Had so much 'first' today because we had very little people serving today. Perhaps another reason why I love serving in JAMS is because everyone of us do what we can to make it happen even if we only have 15 people the service must go on. So everyone just had to multitask and rise up to the occasion. Times like this definitely is a stretch for everyone yet there's no complains, in fact all the more joy in our hearts.

So that sums up awesome Saturday! Thank you Jesus ♡ !

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