Saturday, 21 February 2015

From Dayre: Goat Goat Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Prolly the busiest period of the year. This cny is a bit 夸张 for me bcos before cny I alr had 4 lohei sessions!
1st with JAMs, 2nd one is with my cg.
3rd one with JAMS teachers.
4th one wirh my classmates.
Yupp it is that crazy. I've never had so many lohei before! Now I'm onto my 6th lohei already. Haha!!
Literally didn't stop eating ever since I got back to Msia. My gramps are great chefs so we are always spoilt. And the new yr goodies that I eat while visiting, I try not to think about it... @.@
Feel so liberated to be able to catch 2 movies back to back and likely another one tonight! It is so cheap to watch movie here and a great way kill time.

Sadly this year there isn't much good 贺岁片. So far I watched The Inspector Calls and it is just this 1 family of people in a big house talking about their relation to a girl's death. The only highlight in the show was surprisingly Donnie Yen. The show was so bad when it ended the whole cinema was like '做完了?!'
Last night we watched 冲上云霄!! I've been waiting for this movie for the longest time! I super like the drama serial and the cast. Alright alright, I'm a fan girl of Chi Lam and Louis Khoo. Don't you think they very 'Yeng'?

The movie... tbh was 'meh' not something to be watched in the cinema, more like a 2 hr drama. But I love how they cut the scenes and all the beautiful places they shot in. And of cos all the handsome and pretty casts. ♡.♡

Tonight we are planning to watch another movie before we head back to sg on sunday. I can't wait to be back home where I can have fast wifi and my comfy bed!!

Anyway, wishing everyone a Goat Goat Year!! =)

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