Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Travelogue: Port Dickson, Malaysia

On the first day of the year, my family and I got up really early all excited for our first family trip of 2015!

We were off to Port Dickson!

Port Dickson, or PD to locals, is a beach and holiday destination situated about 32 km from Seremban and 90 km from Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Peninsular Malaysia.
Mummy's friend recommended Grand Lexis Port Dickson to her as there is a private pool inside!

Image from their website
It was a long journey to Port Dickson. We woke up at 6.30am as we were worried that there will be a jam at the causeway due to the long weekends. To our surprise, the coast is clear. No jam whatsoever. So we reached Larkin Bus Terminal at 8.30am and boarded 9am KKKL bus to Seremban.

The ride was around 3.5 hours from Larkin to Seremban. Thankfully I was able to catch some sleep as the previous night I went for countdown and only slept for 3 hours. I was pretty amazed that I slept throughout the ride. We reached Seremban at around 12.30pm. 

Seremban is a familiar place to me as I went there for mission trip in 2013 and thereafter visited the friends I've made there a few times. So I bought my family to a nearby mall for lunch before we waited for a Cityliner bus to Port Dickson. The Cityliner bus came hourly and cost 4RM to Port Dickson. The ride was about 1 hour.

From Port Dickson Bus Terminal, we still had to take a taxi to our resort. Yes, I know... Long journey...

We were alright with it as check-in time is 4pm. So we just took our time and stop over whenever we can for snacks and what not.

Finally after a whole day's journey, we arrived at our resort!

Apparently the resort is quite famous and the lobby was packed when we were checking in.

The interior design of the resort was very grand with a lot of service staff all ready to assist the guests. They even have a buggy to send you to your room.

So this is our room. Deluxe Suite (Garden Living) that sleeps 4.

Once checked-in we immediately headed for a swim in the pool before heading out to settle our dinner. The only downside about staying at Grand Lexis is that there isn't any shops nearby. The nearest is 15 mins walk away. So if you don't drive then it might be an issue.

We didn't drive so we had to walk out to the shop houses 15mins away. Even so, there isn't much to eat. It is all malay cuisine and mamak stall.

But thankfully, there is a KTV above the shop houses. That sort of made up for the ulu location. So we spent 2 hours singing our lungs out after dinner.

We returned to our resort and had beer by the pool. How cool is that?! HAHA! That marks the end of our first night at Port Dickson.

On the second day we just snuggled in bed for the longest time and watched Ender's Game on AXN. It was not till about 11pm when we decided to go around to the resort to see what activities they had to offer.

One of the rare chances I got to wore a cap.

There are quite a few recreational activities at the resort.


Those are the few we did. There's also cycling, swimming, yoyo car, arcade, ktv, etc. It was pretty boring for us grown kids and our aged parents. If you are bring your young children I reckon you will enjoy it more.

What's visiting Port Dickson without going to the beach right? According to my friend, there's a few beaches in Port Dickson and there's one near our resort.

It was a really small beach and empty beach and when we were there we saw many baby crabs... And that was all the resort had to offer.. We still had half a day to spare.

The good thing about the resort is that you can book a free shuttle service to Waterfront @ PD.

The place is still under development however there are quite a few eateries and shops already opened. And best of all there is STARBUCKS!

So we made a booking with the resort to send us there.

Sadly I cannot do OOTD properly...

Anyway, during the evening we saw an interesting sight. There was a stall renting bubble makers. Simply by using sticks and ropes. I've never created such a big bubble before! It was so magical...

That night we went back and soaked in the pool again just so to make our money worth and had beer. #LivinTheLife

On the last day, friends from Seremban drove down and we had 'breakfast' together. It was an interesting experience to start the year off. These bunch of people never fail to amaze me with the things they do. HAHA!

Somehow we have been meeting at the start of the year. Last year 1 Jan 2013 we met in JB and this year in Port Dickson. I wonder where it would next year?

So that marked the end of my New Year Getaway! Now it is back to school, back to reality, back to craziness! Till next time, stay sane!

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