Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 in Review

2014 has been nothing short of awesome! Whenever I look back at 2014, I just feel really blessed.


I remembered I didn't end my 2013 that well, mainly due to my really bad results. It was the first semester and I really struggled badly coping with school work and adapting to the Uni system. I've never really shared this with anyone but the truth is I didn't had any friends when I started Uni as I wasn't involved in any freshmen camps. When I attended classes, I realised everyone already have their own cliques or OG from those camps. So I just went from class to class trying my best to blend into the wallpaper. Truth is, I was perfectly fine with it. Often I would have 3 hours break and I would just head to Artease and do my own things. Though I have to admit there were days I struggled really badly, especially those when exams or quizzes are near, as I don't have anyone to discuss or study with. That was one of the reasons why I didn't do well in the first semester. Many times I felt I made the wrong decision going to Uni. I've never felt so out of place before. No matter what I do, I am still failing Stats and Business Operations quizzes. I was so discourage to the extend that I didn't even wanna aim for a high GPA anymore. I told myself I shall just graduate with a degree no matter the grades... In my mind, I just wanna get Uni over and done with.

True enough when results came out in end of 2013, I didn't do well. I slowly begin to realise it was an ego issue I am facing. I mean from a high achiever in Poly to a nobody in Uni can be rather depressing... So during December 2013, I started to do a lot of soul searching and allow myself time to recover which I eventually did.

At that point of time, I would never have imagined that 2014 is going to be a milestone year for me. Never had I imagined I would travel to 3 major countries in a year, became the Vice President of Enactus NTU, pulled my GPA up from a 2nd Lower to a 2nd Upper and make great friends!


Of course with all these milestones come challenges and difficulties. All of a sudden I find myself playing a different ball game altogether, having to cope with ministry, cca, studies and family. There are days where busy was an understatement. Days where my values were challenged, where I struggled to choose between priorities. I don't know why but somehow everything seems to fall on Saturdays so I had to choose between ministry and cca.

When I first took over as the vice president of Enactus NTU, I felt so depressed. Truth is I had only been in the cca for 1 semester and I certainly did not know how the cca operate. Amongst my other excos, I always felt like the weakest link. It was a steep learning curve. I remembered messaging Janice telling her how out of place I felt and how stressful I was trying to connect with the exco and project leaders. Janice was really sweet, she constantly took time to encourage me and I am thankful to have a sister in Christ to guide me through my difficult times.

In 2014, I also officially made the switch from Usher ministry to JAMs. I cannot be more thankful for the opportunities given to me in JAMs. I've said this many times but I am still truly grateful. Never would I have imagined myself leading games or hosting events. In my poly days I ever dreamt of being able to host events or be an emcee. I did get a few chances but I didn't really do well so I brushed that silly thought aside and never visited it anymore. Until I stepped into JAMs and was tasked to lead games. Somehow, when I stepped on that platform, words just flow and I suddenly become a different person. Someone even I myself don't know of. Seriously. From then on I was given many other opportunities to develop this side of me in JAMs and I am really thankful that through the ministry I discover my gifts and talent. Also, I am reminded of the dream of my youth. God didn't forget my silly prayers and secret desires.

Gosh, you really need to meet these bunch of people. they aren't human! Every single one of them have such great capacity of love and grace just oozing out of them! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING friends I am thankful I got to meet in 2014. Their dedication and commitment to the ministry really leaves me in awe every time I serve. KUDOS Jammers! <3

Now standing at the threshold of the 2014, I just want to extend a sincere thank you to every single person who has touched my life in 2014. Friends & family who have sown into my life, who have showed me grace and love. THANK YOU!! You are the reason I am who I am today. Most importantly, I want to thank my Heavenly Father for always having my back! ALL GLORY TO GOD! 

2015, I AM READY!

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