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Taiwan Travelogue: Day 4 Taipei [Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall > Longshan Temple > Ximending]

Mummy & I went on a 8 days Taiwan Free & Easy trip last summer.

We had 8 full days in Taiwan and here's a breakdown of where I went for the 8 days.
Day 1: Cingjing [Green Green Grassland]
Day 2: Cingjing [Sun Moon Lake]
Day 3: Taichung [Fengjia Night Market]
Day 4: Taipei [Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall > Longshan Temple > Ximending]
Day 5: Taipei [Taipei Zoo > Maokong > Wufenpu > Ruohe Night Market]
Day 6: Taipei [Yeliou > Jiufen > Shifen > Keelong Night Market]
Day 7: Taipei [Tamshui > Fisherman Wharf > Shilin Night Market]
Day 8: Taipei: [Taipei 101 > Yong Kang Street > Wufenpu > Zhongxiao Dunhua]

Day 3: Taipei [Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall > Longshan Temple > Ximending]

After a night of feasting at Fengjia Night Market, we bid goodbye to delicious Taichung and set off for Taipei, where we will spend the rest of our trip there.

We took a train to from Taichung to Taipei instead of the HSR as I wanted to take time to see the countryside. Taking a train definitely takes much longer than HSR but I thought since our check in time was 2pm, then why not take our time to travel there. And so we did.

We reached Taipei Main Station at around 2pm and from there we took the subway to Zhongxiao Dunhua Station where our Minsu is.

For the next few days, we will be staying at Fox Hostel. Another very beautifully furnished Minsu.

When I first saw the furnishing of the minsu, I was already sold! I found some other minsu or hotel with better location but I just couldn't bare not to choose this even though it was slightly pricer. The owner of the Minsu is very pretty and friendly as well and if you are staying for 5 nights or more, you will get a 10% discount.

The only bad point is that the Minsu is located in the alleys and the staircase is pretty dark at night...

Anyway, after we checking in to our beautiful Minsu, we headed off to  Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Directions: Take subway to Chiang Kai Shek Hall Station

The place is HUGE! Seriously! And the olden building makes me feel like I just time travelled back to the dynasty era. There's something about Taiwan, everywhere is so scenic!

The actually memorial hall is up a flight of stairs and when we reached we manage to catch the guards changing shifts.

"So this is the legendary Chiang Kai Shek? Yay!"

This is open area is called the Freedom Square.

After CKS, we took the subway again and went to Long Shan Temple. There are many temples in Taiwan and this was quite convenient to get there.

Long Shan Temple
Directions: Take subway to Longshan Temple Station
Apparently this temple is quite famous and it was crowded when we went.

After mummy was done with offering her prayers, we spotted a night market near the area so we went to check it out. Night markets are very where in Taiwan! This one is called the Guangzhou Street Night Market (艋舺夜市). The name made me think of the 艋舺 movie. There were many interesting local delights. So we had our dinner there before heading to Ximending.

Directions: Take subway to Ximen Station

Ximending is something like our Bugis Street. A lot of youngsters hanging out in the area and many fashion boutiques. Prices are slightly pricer though.

If you are looking to stock up your contact lenses, Ximending is the place to go. There's a lot of spectacle shops around and they contact lenses are super cheap! I got 2 pairs of colored contact lense (Ticon - Taiwan Brand) for NT$300 (approx. SGD$13)! Too bad I have astig, if not the normal lenses will be a steal too.

This is the brand and the model I got. Very natural looking and comfortable.

Many people will take you, when you are at Ximending, you have to try Ah Zhong Mian Xian, but we didn't. We couldn't find it so we didn't have any mian xian...

Frankly Ximending was quite meh~ nothing much really so we headed back after awhile.

Our Minsu area had quite a bit of things to see. At night there will be some push cart stall selling food and apparels and there's a Family Mart convenient store right across the street.

Our first night there was quite scary as we got lost! We didn't know how to go back to our Minsu! YES! Because it was dark and we cannot recognise the roads. It was the back alley malls, so it was like a mini maze and everywhere look the same at night. We kept walking in circles and we called the Minsu owner. Luckily for us, she managed to figure out where we were and gave us the direction back to our Minsu.. Phew... What an experience that night!

So that's Day 4 for you!

Read about the rest of my trip...

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