Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Taiwan Travelogue: Day 3 [Taichung - Fengjia Night Market]

Mummy & I went on a 8 days Taiwan Free & Easy trip last summer.

From our Minsu, we booked the Ego-Bus that will send us all the way to our next Minsu at Taichung. You can book the bus via the internet before hand. They are quite prompt in replying enquiries though email and instant messaging.

We took the 9am bus and reached Taichung at about 11am or so, a little too early to check in. Our check in time is 2pm. So we left our luggage at the reception and went to explore Taichung a bit. I initially wanted to skip Taichung as it was a little out of the way especially when we had so many barang barang. But I saw online that Taichung is a wholesale place and things there are cheaper than Taipei. So I had to squeeze it in! Haha.

Our minsu was around the Fengjia Night Market area so we just walked around. The sad thing is that the town is dead in the morning... All the boutiques weren't open. We walked a few streets down and there were no sign of life at all. We were wondering where is everybody...

A bit disappointed as we were hungry and super sweaty.. In the end, we spotted a Telco and decided to buy a travel sim first.. There are quite 3 different Telco in Taiwan but their travel sim package is comparable.

After walking for some time, we decided to head to the nearby Shopping Mall. It was like Tangs or Isetan. There isn't much to buy but at least there was aircon.. We spent the afternoon there until it was time for us to checkin.

Oh yes, I haven't mentioned the Minsu that we stayed in is called Fengjia Garden. The reason why I chose this Minsu is because they have cartoon themed rooms (Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse & Winnie the Pooh!!

Out the 3 rooms, I chose the Hello Kitty one as it looks the nicest! 

Look at the ceiling lights!!

I am not a fun of Hello Kitty but this room is really pretty! For all you kitty fans, you can consider staying here when you visit Taichung!

After seeing our very cosy room, we laze around for a bit before deciding to head over to the night market.

This is some Tako Ball like thing, the queue for this is super long!

Didn't really do much in Taichung other than EATING EATING & MORE EATING! Was too busy eating that I didn't take much photos. Also because it was quite crowded, so I didn't dare to take too many pictures and attract unwanted attention.

Review on Fengjia Garden

  • Economical, great for budget travellers
  • Walking distance to Fengjia Night Market
  • Had a mini fridge
  • Very nicely decorated
  • Has a hot water dispenser
  • Local breakfast store just below the Minsu
Overall, I will definitely return to this Minsu and try out other rooms of theirs.

So that's Day 3 for you at Taichung Fengjia Night Market!

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