Thursday, 10 July 2014

REVIEW: Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker

Hi ladies, I am back with yet another Etude House product! This time round I will be reviewing on their super highly raved, Etude House Dear Girl Cute Eyes Maker. That was a mouthful!

I am not sure about getting this in Singapore but even in Etude House Korea, it is the best seller and they were sold out in many of the Etude House outlet. Thankfully, I managed to get my hands on it after visiting a few outlets.

This product is said to be the Ulzzang look must have as it helps you create that perfect forever smiling, cute innocent eyes. Miyake has also raved about this and it how she gets the puppy eye look.

See the puffy eye bag and the smiley effect? Yup, that's enhanced using the Etude House product. Now I am regretting putting her picture in this post coz it's gonna make me look ugly.

Anyway, it is very easier to use. All it takes is 2 steps.

The brown and pink shadows are creamy and shimmery. Personally, I don't really use the brown end as I have issues with dark eye circles and eye bags so when I don't need the shadowing to enhance them. Or else I would look like I haven't slept for years... One tip if you are going to apply the brown shimmers. Try to go light and blend it out using a sponge applicator or brush.

So here is how it looks after application.

No doubt it does make my eyes look extra smiley and cute. I can see why Korean love this product so much. It makes it so easy. Just 2 simple steps to look all cute and innocent.

Both the shadows are very creamy hence the shadows glides on very smoothly. One thing to note if you have under eye fine lines like me (as you can tell from the picture below). Unfortunately, due to the creamy texture, it does set into the creases. So by using the sponge on the Cute Eye Maker, I won't be able to blend out the shadow properly as it is too big to go into the creases. So what I do is I had to use a smaller sponge tip applicator to blend it out.

Frankly, I feel this product is too much work for me, I usually would reach out for my powder eyeshadow or white eyeliner to highlight my under eye instead. However, if you don't have any under eye fine lines, this product would be the perfect solution. I can see how without my fine lines I can just swipe it across once and I am good to go.

Overall, I feel Cute Eye Maker is a miss for me. Don't get me wrong, it is a great product but in makeup there really isn't one size fit all. So if you are interested in the product, head down to Etude House to try it out!

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