Sunday, 26 January 2014

REVIEW: Liese Bubble Hair Color


Today I shall be reviewing on the Liese Bubble Hair Color! I am sure this is not a foreign product for many, it has been in the market for quite a while and has been a high raved product for its ease of use.

The last time I dyed my hair was last year August at Glow Hairscapade. I really love the color I had but after 4 months, the reddish tone faded and my black roots grew out. I didn't want to dye my hair so soon but I keep seeing the liese advertisement on YouTube, on TV and even on blogs. So I sort of got incepted. Moreover CNY was around the corner, all the more reason to get a new hair color.

Liese has a huge selection of color and it claims to give you even hair color and smooth hair.

The color I got was Jewel Pink.

Since I got a new tripod, I thought why not do a video review instead then I can show you guys how I can dye my hair. I got the tripod for $15 on Carousell!

This is the first time I tried the product and the first time I dye my hair all by myself.

While waiting, selfie time!

Under normal lighting

Under strong sunlight

Under strong sunlight

Just a heads up for those who have really black hair or have never dye your hair before, the Liese dye might not show up as well on your hair. This product works better on hair which has already been dyed.

This is the hair mask that I mentioned in the video, Essential Damage Care Hair Mask. It is really nourishing for damaged hair. I have been using it and my hair condition has improved. It doesn't tangle and frizz out as easily. Bubzbeauty uses this as well, in fact that's how I got to know this product.

I hope review helps you make a more inform choice of which DIY dye to use and how to go about doing it.

Here's from Spongebob and I, have a prosperous year of the horse! 恭喜发财


  1. This color looks really pretty on you >.< ♥ I use the same hair mask at the moment too and it's so nice ahah. I think the roots are still a bit visible though T T I have bought this hair dye too and I'm going to try it soon too :D Thanks for this review~

    -Mindy ♥

    1. Hi Mindy! Thank you for your compliment! Yea, if you look very closely still can see 2 colors, but for DIY hair dye it's not bad I would say. I am looking to dying back the same color again too! I am sure you will like it, mine faded off to this ashy brown which is very natural. So I love it!