Friday, 10 January 2014


Yes, I had hit the big 21.

I must say this was the first time in my life that I had such a crazy first 10 days of the year! It was so much that it took me 1 week to process all that had happened because it all seem so surreal.

01 JAN 2014

I spent it with the most awesome foreign friends, read about it here.

02 JAN 2014

Thank you NTU Caretalyst peeps for celebrating my birthday on 2 Jan. I am really thankful that I met this bunch of really awesome people. To be frank, sem 1 was pretty tough for me but I started sem 2 a little bolder, a little happier and partly because of these people. I am looking forward to an awesome 2014 with all our community projects coming up!! :D

03 - 07 JAN 2014

Travelled to Bangkok with Melina, it was our first trip together!! It was super duper fun! I shall do a separate post on our trip!

08 JAN 2014

A day after I touched down I met up with my favourite bunch of secondary school girls. They were so sweet to arrange Shabu Shabu buffet dinner at Shabu Sai. Yes, I went for buffet after returning from Bangkok. #FatDieMe

The Shabu Shabu was really good, especially their sliced meat! Very fresh and juicy, we ordered a lot!

Credits: Daniel Food Diary
I was really touched because Dan Shan only touched down that afternoon and she came!! THANK YOU!! *hugs & kisses*

After our super satisfying dinner, they brought me to a 'secret' place, which I later found out was P.S Cafe. These sweeties saw my cafe hunt list on my blog and wanted to bring me there. Although in the end we didn't manage to dine in there, I was already very touched by the thought of it!

Later on we settled for TCC since it was the few 24-hr cafes in town.

Got 2 pastries from Tiong Bahru Bakery on the way there. Another off my cafe hunt list!

Thank you Qiu for making such a lovely card. Each and every of your message really touched me deeply. I cannot be more thankful for you girls! 7 years of friendship and counting! I promise I will keep you guys close to me forever! We shall grow old, get married and get fat together!

09 JAN 2014

No agenda. Called for a time out to unpack my luggage and room. I think I did watch a late night movie to countdown to my birthday.

10 JAN 2014

At the strike of midnight, I received a couple of birthday wishes and some really were pretty unexpected. It made me teared a little. I don't know if it's just me, I feel as I grow older, I get lesser friends, lesser greetings. Then again, I can't complain because I send lesser greetings myself as well. Is it an age thing? Or is it that we just become colder as we age? Resolution for 2014 shall be to send more well wishes!

Sissy bought me a Groupon for a staycation at Bay Hotel. I must say my hotel stay was really disappointing, I shan't elaborate.

We had a celebration dinner at Ban Heng. Buffet again. I cut my cute spongebob cake there as well! We didn't really finish it as we were all too full! I didn't bear to cut it as well...

I have no idea why I tied up my hair and why it was so messy... My 21st bday memory all ruined... I sent a photo to Yiwen and the first comment she made is 'why you hair so messy'. And I also realised I got a bald spot!! :'(

It wasn't like that when I went out. It was very neat.

See! Lesson learnt, I shouldn't tie my hair.

Anyway, let's continue with the celebration...

After dinner we went over to nua at the hotel. Just for a while because the hotel is too cram. Then my parents and the rest went back. Only Sueyi and Qiu stayed back to accompany me for the night. We caught a midnight movie, Police Story 2013, at GV Vivo.

It was super boring... Half the time I didn't get what Jackie Chan was trying to do and when I look around the back row people are sleeping. I dozed off a few times while watching the movie as well...

After the super disappointing movie, we went back for our supper. We had 1 whole spring chicken to finish!

We ate like barbarians as we did not have any utensils at all! Seeing it now makes me hungry... After we settled supper it was like almost 4am so we turned in.

11 JAN 2014

Woke up at almost 10am. I woke up a couple of times and whenever I fell back to sleep I kept dreaming of missing the buffet breakfast. So when I saw that it was almost 10am I was shocked! Buffet breakfast ends at 10.30am you see...

Their breakfast was pretty limited but enough to satisfy me for breakfast... Then we both headed home. I went home and took a short nap before heading out for service.

Met up with my SOT mates to pass them souvenirs from Bangkok and these darlings celebrated my birthday for me... Thank you for the Sephora card, I really love it!!

It was the first service of the year for me! Always great to be back home hearing Pst Kong...

Part 2 of our cg dinner for that day was a celebration... St Marc's Cafe! Charlie treated dessert and Dan coffee! Thank you 2 gorgors! HAHAH!

These croissants are to die for!!!

Like ice cream and croissants are not sinful enough, we went for part 3... Moscato, sashimi, cakes and chips! Coz I am 21 and I can drink! CHEERS!!!

 Yup, so that's about my most happening 10 days of 2014!!

Being 21, I am very thankful for the people God has placed in my lives, all the love that they showered on me, the well wishes and gifts. A big thank you to everyone who made me feel so blessed!!


Now, I am all 'legally' set for 2014!!

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