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2014 is here! Yesterday, 31 Dec, I spent the whole afternoon doing a 2013 Review blog post. It was nice look about at all that had happened in 2013 and relive those moments all over again. It was a 'count your blessings' moment!

After spending a whole afternoon doing the crazy long post, I got a bit cranky as I had no countdown plans and my mom was out with her friends, the 2 man at home doesn't seem like they are going anywhere... So I brought a book and decided to meet Sissy first for Starbucks or what then have my dad and bro to join us later... In the end we had some miscommunications and the plan got wasted. I was a bit angst as I was already out so I called up Melina (who surprisingly had nothing on) and we headed for town for fireworks! It was such an impulsive decision and I was in NP T-shirt, shorts and slippers.

We had dinner and dessert before heading to MBS area. It was super crowded and there were 1001 road blocks. However, it was worth it for the very majestic 7-min fireworks! First time counting down with friends too!

The crowd back to the MRT after the fireworks was CRAZY! It took us almost 1 hour just to get to the Downtown line. The good thing is we got to try the Downtown line!!

Taking the Downtown line at 2am! Wooohooo!

Only managed to reach home at 3am. The moment I reached home I quickly wash up and slept as I was going JB a few hrs later to meet beloved NGA friends..

With only 3 hrs of sleep, I headed down to JB with Aiwei to meet Jason, Yiwen, Priscilla and Alex. Even until now I can't believe that they left Seremban at 6am and drove all the way to JB just to spend 1 Jan with us... :')

We met them at around 10am and went breakie at a HK restaurant at City Square. After that, we split up to go Starbucks. My group, Yiwen, Alex and I, were suppose to buy a drink to fill up Aiwei's Doraemon customised tumbler. It was their X'mas pressie for her. I didn't give much thought to it and just got the drink for her and even got a Grande Java Chip for myself.. Then the other group, Jason, Pris, Aiwei, were getting a drink to fill my Spongebob customised tumbler... Haha. *Epic*

Then we met back at City Square Starbucks. Then the big reveal! I was so shocked! Didn't expect it at all!!!

The thing is... I have seen or gotten a few of such customisable tumblers for others and have been secretly wanting to get one, just that I am too lazy to design and I don't think I can do nice designs... The thought of it just seems to much of a hassle to even execute.. Slowly, I forgot about it - out of sight, out of mind.

So when I got this I was like, HOW DID YOU KNOW?! I was giving God the little smirk... :)

Mine tumbler was double sided, so I could flip the paper over and it will be a calendar. They were so sweet they highlighted my birthday and some other SG public holidays (eg. National Day).

After some melting moments with my tumbler, we went to Sutra Mall area for lunch. Traffic was bad in JB, it being 1 Jan was pretty expected...

While we were looking at the menu, Nic and gang came! Another surprise... They drove all the way from Malacca.. Sometimes I really cannot understand what motivates them to drive down. THIS IS SO CRAZY! I am super moved!

Once we were done with lunch, we had a little 'wishy-washy' moment before we decided to head to sing K (Karaoke)!! Woohooo!

I must say this is probably the most entertaining and fun K experience I ever had. They were like so HIGH!

Had so much fun singing! I have been yearning for a good K session since forever. It is like a must-do every holiday and today I had mine share. Now to mention, I feel a little guilty for holding unto the mic half the time.. Sorry! Haha. ><

As I was feeling all high, singing, singing, singing, they suddenly called for time out and brought in a cake! I was like... OH MY GOODNESS... I didn't expect them to celebrate as it was only 1 Jan...

Priscilla and I celebrated our b'day together as her birthday was only 1 day after mine! So honoured to be able to celebrate my b'day with Pastor's daughter!

They were so funny, they actually selected 3 birthday songs, (English, Cantonese, something else) and 1 CNY song.. -.-||| Then they got so high singing they don't even wanna cut the cake or let us blow the candle.. In the end we just ignored them and do our our cake cutting and stuff. Oh yes! Thank you Aiwei and *Jason for praying for us. *Jason's prayer... Hmmm.... xP

Truth be told, I had a tinge of sadness as I felt older earlier than when it should be... Yea, I am still in denial that I am 20 let not 21... Oh well, my mum say I still look like a kid.. So I guess it is okay? #justsaying

We continued singing after the celebration and before we left had a photo taking session at the X'mas tree at the lobby area. Finally had some proper photos with these 2!

Cheeky Yiwen ar...

We took the last shot because Jason commented that for the Cuti Cuti Malaysia post the photos were to solemn so I had them do some fun shot.. Mind you, Jason is *ahem* but still so act cute... He suggested for us to do that pose...

After we were done with all the photo taking, we headed for dinner some the boys and then went home.

So that's my 1st day of the 2014 for you!

Couldn't have spent it any better than with these bunch of lovely friends! What more can I say? Every time I see them I am just thankful that God brought us together in the most amazing way. I am still in awed to think that during the mission trip I didn't even get to talk to any of them much. Somehow or another I got to know some of them when I got back and the rest was history!

Sadly, I won't get to see them till the next sem break which is in May onwards? Oh well... Time and time will only serve to test the strength of every relationship... Only time will tell then...

On a brighter note, I WILL BE GOING TO BANGKOK IN 1 DAY'S TIME!!!! Looking forward to an awesome trip with my best bud, Melina! Which means, I would be away for a few days! Will update you all about the trip once I am back!

Till then, have a great year ahead!

p/s: I actually have a wishlist... :)

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