Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013... Hello 2014!

12 months ago we were so spastically excited about 2013 and in a blink of an eye 2013 is over...

At the threshold of 2013, it would not be right if I blog about all that has happened in 2013... So here goes...


Awww.. Seems like just yesterday I was 20... More than the celebrations and presents, I am thankful for all the awesome people that celebrated with me! One good thing about being a Jan baby is you get to start your year on a bright note!


PwC Experience

Best 6-month internship ever!!

New Domain

In February 2013, I shifted my blog from www.xdhobbit.blogspot.sg to www.littlemisshobbit.com .


小舅 Wedding

First time I ever 'set' hair but I think the next time I do it is when I get married...

I miss my circle lenses...
SOT 2013

If there is 1 best thing that has happened to me in 2013, it has to be going to SOT!!!

CHC Easter Drama 2013


Mummy's Birthday

Baked mummy a Old Fashion Marble Cake for her birthday!


After 3 year, I have graduated!! Best poly ever!! I really missed those poly days, best days in my life!


Sueyi's 20th Birthday

Camp RUN

First time taking part in ColorRUN! We are all colorful!

Father's Day

Caught Superman as a family and celebrated Father's Day at Saveur.

Preaching Test

How can I forget the nerve wrecking preaching tests?!?! Just the thought of it send chills down my spine, those sleepless nights and adrenaline pumping 7 minutes. But WE ALL DID IT!!


The most amazing and humbling experience. Thank God for the opportunity to share His love and to serve! Also, the friendship that were forged! :')

My first USS trip! I miss those cray times at USS! Let's go back again!!


Just some random photo I found in July that perhaps I should post just for the fun of it!




Awesome NTU freshies from SOT! Glad to have made a bunch of God-loving peeps! Their faith excites and encourages me!

One reason why I look forward to Uni definitely got to be this! NEW LAPTOP!!! Finally got my hands on a MacBook and I am loving every thing about it!

Lovely Friends

Meet Telesia, a new Hong Kong friend I met in August! Lovely and sweet lady. So glad that I got to know her, she's such a gem!

SOT Graduation Photo-taking

All the handsome and powerful pastors in SOT! Thank you for sowing into our lives!!

Ladies day out after the photo-taking session. Beautiful ladies, inside out!

Phantom of the Opera

Caught my first musical in 2013 and it was Phantom of the Opera!!! Thank you Sissy for treating me to catch this fantastic musical!


Dyed and cut our hairs together like a tai tai in 2013!

Farewell Benjamin

2013, Benjamin left for England to further his studies. Before he left, we went to feast on some local delights at Old Airport Road!

Known this beloved brother of mine since I first came to church. It is heartwarming when after so many years people you met are still around...  Come back soon bro, you are missed!!

SOT Graduation

Felt like just yesterday that I graduated from SOT... I miss the times shared and now that half my team mates are residing all over the globe, doing amazing things for God! And I pray one day we can all gather as one again!

NGA Dediction

The boy who can drive you up the walls with his innocence anytime!

My very tall sister from another parents... HAHA!


Princess Nana, who refused to kiss me.. On the last day of 2013, I shall let go of this hurt... Will you kiss me in 2014, Princess Nana?

So one day I got a bit bored and decided to record a makeup tutorial video?

New Addtion

My baby cousin! So fast right? She's the baby of my Uncle that just got married in March!

I only wore this shirt 2 times and I think I accidentally donated it away... :'(

NTU Caretalyst

Talk about being part of something bigger, I joined the NTU Caretalyst where we plan community outreach to help the needy. Looking forward to many exciting events we have in 2014!!


Melina's 21st Birthday

One of the highlights in 2013 has got to be this!!! My besties' 21st b'day! Gate crashed her house to give her a midnight surprise! The crazy things I would do for this buddy of mine!

Sarah's Birthday

Melina's Baptism

Well done sister! You fought an awesome battle! You made it!!! So happy for you!


End of Exams

Properly the toughest few months of 2013 was Year 1 Sem 1... Uni life is so mentally draining... Nearing the end of the sem I was mugging everyday and every other day I battled thoughts of giving up but I really thank God for putting family and friends around me who constantly encouraged me. Thank God I pulled through and I am happy with my results too! Not the best but I did my best!

1 off the Bucket List

So there has been a 52 things to do in Singapore before 20 or something like that, I saw that and the Tree Top Walk was one of them. So I just told Melina we should do this and she's properly the only adventurous friend I have that would agree to do this with me! And we did! We conquered a 14km walk in muddy tracks and Melina managed to complete the Boardwalk!!! Woohooo!!


Finally got to meet up some sec school friends, the GEMS in my life! 7 years and counting!

Daddy's Birthday

Went on a road trip with Aiwei and my NGA brothers and sisters! Can't wait to see them again in 2014!

My beloved cell group members! It is not easy to find true friends and I am glad I found a bunch! Love them to bits!

Sissy's Birthday

X'mas Party @ HCA / CCH

X'mas came early this year with HCA and CCH! Christmas is all about lighting up another person's life....

Brought my tutee out for a trip to the museum and caught Frozen!

Met up with my favourite sister who never fail to bring me to eat good food! I have been looking forward to this meetup since a month ago!! Yummy goodie catch up and for the first time we went shopping and walking together... But the sad truth is we both old liao.... xP

Year end party @ JAMs Church! Amazing presence of God and dedication by the teachers. Their love amazes me!

Last but not least, a meetup with my SOT team mates!! Had such a wonderful time just catching up and laughing my heads off with them! Super joyous bunch of people that always crack me up anytime! Best thing about SOT!

Wow! So that sums up my 2013! Had such a fun time looking back at all that has happened in 2013, reminiscing and recalling memories...

2013 has truly been the most eventful year by far! In 2013, I graduated from Poly, went to SOT, graduated from SOT and entered Uni, went on my first mission trip, made many awesome friends... :')

What more can I say? I am so thankful for every single one who has impacted me in one way or another in 2013. Thank you...

How has 2013 been for you? Good or bad, let's look forward to a even better 2014!! See you next year!!

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